Thursday, October 4, 2018

Take Three Thursday - Calendar Additions

The purpose of Mary-Lou's Take Three Thursday meme is to take notice more of the ordinary in our lives. However, today I'm sharing something out of the ordinary that no one has noticed.

Robbie has a scenic wall calendar hanging in his office at work, and each month he adds a little something to the scene. He does a great job of blending these additions into the photo, but it's still surprising that no one has caught on yet.

Here's a look at three recent months - can you spot the addition?

Have you noticed anything out of the ordinary this week?


  1. They seem pretty easy to find to me---and quite humorous. I'm surprised no one has noticed!

  2. HA HA HA - I like Robbie's idea of adding to his calendar - that's fun. Thanks for joining in to Three on Thursday.

  3. Brilliant - what a fun thing to do!


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