Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Two-Page Digital Layouts

As I'm slowly (very slowly) processing photos from our trips this year, I'm creating some digital layouts.

After sharing about our somewhat disappointing tour of Seattle's Underground, I used a page template and papers from my digital stash for a two-page layout.

I chose the colors in this layout because they coordinate with the brochure for this tour.

I'll use some attach-me stickers to add the brochure into my 3-ring album in between these two pages.

The only memorabilia from my ride in the Ballon de Generali was the ticket stub, which I added to our travel journal, so I created another two-page layout with those photos.

I used another page template from my digital stash, but rather than digital papers, I simply recolored the various elements to coordinate with my photos.

I like the way these digital page templates allow me to add and re-size quite a few photos.

I'm planning to continue this trend as I complete each batch of photos where I don't have additional memorabilia that I'd like to include on a layout.

Have you created any digital layouts lately?


  1. I love both of these layouts, but especially the one about Paris! I use a lot of digital supplies for my pocket page albums, but haven't made a total digital page in years.

  2. Very nice layouts. I've not done any digital work, I told myself not until I get through at least half my paper stash (col).


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