Saturday, January 19, 2019

Mixed Media Art Journal Pages

As I was walking through some of the tough times last year, I spent time (sporadically) creating mixed media art journal pages as a form of therapy. 

As I wrote on the page below, I know that journaling helps me process emotions; however, I don't really want to have a lot of journals full of negative thoughts and/or criticisms. With art journaling, I can write my thoughts or prayers or feelings, then simply cover them up with paint or bits & pieces from my (very abundant) scrapbooking stash!

Not all of my pages include written journaling. Some of them were just for FUN, like the one below that was inspired by one of the Lifebook Creativity and Well-Being Summit sessions. The background is covered with old music papers. I drew the girl, then filled in the page with a variety of paints and pens, along with a short quote.

The simple page below began with the bunny drawing (which isn't quite as cute at the example from the Lifebook Summit), which was then watercolored. 

Creating these pages was not only FUN, it was therapeutic as I spent time being creative and playing with a variety of supplies. Despite feeling insecure about my drawing abilities, I found it very relaxing to try sketching and painting … and, honestly, I'm pleased with how these turned out.

What types of creativity do you find therapeutic?


  1. So glad you enjoyed the LifeBook Summit! I didn't really get a chance to play along - hoping to get back to it soon. I love mixed media and digital scrapbooking. Along with occasional paper page or card.

  2. Your art work is gorgeous, Melissa! I especially like the painting of the girl! I rarely play around with mixed media, although I enjoy it when I do. Almost any crafting project is therapeutic for me because it demands my complete attention is ways nothing else does.

  3. Cute, but sad bunny. Scrapping, stamping are mine creative outlets.


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