Tuesday, April 9, 2019

30 Days of Scrapbooking | Day One

I considered participating in The100DayProject this year; however, I'm not sure I want to commit to that long of a project right now. But I'm really wanting to get back to consistent scrapbooking, so I've set myself a 30 day goal - do something scrapbook-y everyday. It might be printing photos or organizing memorabilia or creating layouts, but my plan is to put in some time on my scrapbooking hobby everyday for 30 days.

Today was Day One! The first project I'm going to concentrate on is completing our 2011 chronological albums. I have four albums for 2011 with lots of completed layouts, a storage binder with the remaining photos I want to scrap, a small file of memorabilia, and a list of about 20 layouts that will complete these albums.

These albums have been on my "in progress" shelf for years, where I just have slips of paper for labels. So, I started by adding round tags to the spine of each album. (I snapped the photo below after I tagged volume one, then tagged the other three albums.)

Then I went ahead and printed labels for the fronts of the albums. I typically add these two items (tags & labels) as the final step before I move the albums to my Memories Shelf. However, I wanted a quick "success" to get me going on this project today!

I actually completed Volume One some time back, so I sat down and flipped through that album first - enjoying the photos, reading the stories, and savoring those memories. Then I put together four quick layouts that fill in some of the gaps in Volume Two. I primarily used cardstock, patterned papers, letter stickers and some handwritten journaling.

It feels so good to make some quick progress on this project! Stay tuned for further developments over the next 29 days as I try to complete this and maybe one or two more unfinished projects. 

Are you participating in The100DayProject? Please share your chosen project in the comments.


  1. Slow and steady is the key, I think. You'll be amazed at how much you can accomplish over the 30 days, I'm sure!

  2. PS: As you know, I'm using the 100 Day Project to finished up a pile of UFOs.

  3. Doing a bit every day is a great plan. Consistency wins out every time :). You've made a great start. I'm not following any particular plan, but am determined just to make sure I actually document April this year!


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