Friday, April 5, 2019

Book Review | Open-Door Living

I'm currently participating in the Just Open the Door Bible Study by Jen Schmidt with a group of ladies at our church. So, I was excited to receive Open-Door Living, a small gift book by the same author, free as part of the B&H/Lifeway Bloggers program (in exchange for an honest review).

This book has a lovely textured cover and beautiful photographs throughout. It's a quick read with sections on The Heart of Hospitality, Food and Feasting, Cleaning and Decluttering, Atmosphere and Ambience, and Conversation and Community. There are a variety of recipes included as well - from simple 2-Ingredient Homemade Sherbet to Asian Pork Tenderloin.

The sub-title to the book is Easy Ways to Share the Gift of Hospitality, and the author shares little tips for welcoming others into your home. There were not really any new-to-me tips, and a few things I wouldn't consider easy or overly relevant to hosting a get-together (although painting a focal wall or spray painting mismatched vases, jars & signs to add festive touches are great home decorating tips).

However, overall the focus of the book is to encourage us to spend more time with others whether we have a perfectly clean home and a gourmet meal prepared or simply a welcoming atmosphere and some burgers thrown on the grill! It's a nice reminder that our focus should be on the people and building relationships and that opening our homes for times of fun and fellowship are wonderful ways to honor the Lord with what He's given us.

Do you embrace open-door living?


  1. The book looks very prettily designed, even if you might not always need to contents ... I have always been inspired by the Benedictine rule/values of prayer, work and hospitality.

  2. thank you for your well written review...
    have a great day


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