Thursday, April 18, 2019

Take Three Thursday | Decluttering

We've been doing lots of organizing and decluttering lately!

We typically donate items to our local community outreach (2 boxes & 3 bags recently) and sell used books to Half Price Books (1 medium bin-full last month) and recycle as much as possible (the old desktop computer that crashed and a batch of used ink cartridges went to Best Buy for recycling last month). 

Scrolling through my iPhone photos, I noticed several pictures I snapped of items I thought someone we know might be able to use. I like to send a text to be sure the person can actually use (or wants) the items, so it's easy for them to say yes or no without feeling obligated to take stuff they don't want/need.

I sent the photo below to the lady over the Mother's Day Out program at our church, and she was happy to have these things to use in the classrooms there.

These books (duplicates I found when I sorted the guest room bookshelves) went to a lady who will take them to Jamaica on an educational mission trip there this summer. The mission team is collecting books for the school libraries in the area where they'll be ministering.

Three of these puzzles went to my friend Darlene, who always has at least one puzzle going; the other two went to the Senior Center, which has a shelf of puzzles for members to work on the tables in the game room.

What do you do with the items you declutter?

Joining in with Mary-Lou's Take Three Thursday, a meme designed to help us notice more of the ordinary of our lives.


  1. Many go to Goodwill, some to the library, others to a local clothing house, a few to a consignment shop. I've come to the conclusion that decluttering is a lifetime pursuit. I have no desire for a minimalist lifestyle, but I admire those that have decluttered so completely that they can then maintain it.

  2. You certainly have been busy & what worthwhile causes to give to. I've been reading a lot about the why behind all our stuff - no easy answer. Thanks for joining in today Melissa.

  3. Well done you! My family has always donated to/bought from charity shops, and I am very big on composting, and on recycling paper/glass/metal/card/plastic. Just lately I have got into Freecycling - it's such a great way of prolonging the life of larger items which charities might not want, and it goes directly to the person who needs or wants it. I've also received some treasures that way!

  4. From my last redecorating bout a few of my pricier no-longer needed items like drapes are going to a consignment shop, in fact I meant to take them this week. Still the 2 boxes sit in the den and taunt me. Normal decluttering goes to Goodwill or our church's youth group rummage sale if the timing is right. I am getting better and better about recycling. I do tend to hold onto plastic boxes and storage bins, and my kids know not to buy that kind of thing when they can come over here and take any of my unused ones. Of course, that generation is much more clutter free than me so they don't need many. A few of those have come in handy for hubby's Red Cross volunteer work too.

    Also I have started shooting pictures of excess craft supplies to offer them to my sis and/or sis-in-law. In fact I have an envelope here I need to send off.

    A nearby local church is starting a brand new preschool this fall, and I have heard they may be interested in receiving craft items. I will definitely keep them in mind too. Although, I would like to run out of items that could be donated - that would really mean a streamlined house.

  5. Our surplus items go the charity shop (Goodwill) or I offer them up on freecycle.


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