Saturday, May 4, 2019

30 Days of Scrapbooking | Not A Complete Fail

After a really good start on my 30-day goal to do something scrapbook-y, my progress slowed as we enjoyed a nice weekend get-away and spent a good bit of time on a couple of home improvement projects and are watching our way through the Marvel Universe movies. Here's an update on what I did accomplish!

Day 8 - Created a FUN layout using some Monkey Business embellishments that have been in my stash probably ten years. (eek!) 

Day 9 - I sorted the photos and memorabilia from Robbie's surprise birthday weekend trip in 2011 and laid out some items for an itinerary page.

Days 10-19 No Scrapbooking!

Day 20 - I completed a layout using the last of the Paper Loft Class Kit papers. I created seven layouts with this kit earlier this year and already had this page partially complete, so it went together quickly. I even stamped on this layout!

Days 21 - 25 No Scrapbooking!

Today, Day 26, is (inter)National Scrapbook Day, and I'm all set to begin scrapbooking after publishing this post. It's almost noon here, and I'm excited to have the rest of the day in my craft room!

With my upcoming Bible journaling classes next weekend, I doubt I'll get back to scrapbooking again until later in the month. Despite the fact that I didn't accomplish my 30-day goal, I'm thrilled with the thirteen layouts I did create and the time I spent organizing to complete our 2011 chronological albums (which I might finish today!).

Are you scrapbooking to celebrate (inter)National Scrapbook Day today?


  1. Any progress in scrapbooking is great progress! Love the photo on "Monkey Business!"

  2. It's all a win - 13 layouts is quite the achievement. I did do a little scrapping on NSD.

  3. The Monkey Business title is perfect for that photo!


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