Monday, June 24, 2019

Theme Album | 10K Walks

Quite a few years ago, I pulled together supplies and an 8 1/2 x 11 three-ring binder to use for a theme album about 10k walks that I'd completed. I put all the items, along with photos and memorabilia from the three walks I'd done up until that point in a Project File, which has sat on a shelf in my craft room until this week.

Earlier this month, my niece Nichole and I completed a 10k walk, which inspired me to pull out this file and put together this FUN album. I started by using a variety of papers and supplies from the project file to create the title page.

Then I put together two-page layouts for each of the four walks I've completed! My first walk was in Galveston in February 2001 with a group of friends who introduced me to the American Volkssport Association and these FUN walks.

I titled the next page "The Fall in Love Walk" because this is the first thing Robbie and I did together when we met in person in New Braunfels, Texas, in September of 2001.

A couple of years later, my nephew Trey was visiting for spring break, and we completed a walk at White Rock Lake in Dallas with my friend Jennifer.

And, finally, sixteen (Yes, 16!) years later, my niece and I completed a 10k walk (that I'll be sharing more about in an upcoming post) in Wichita Falls, Texas.

I'm so excited to have this album completed. Well, actually I'm hoping it is now an ongoing project that I'll be adding to as I complete more 10k walks for FUN, activity and exercise!

Have you heard of the American Volkssport Association? Do you enjoy 10k walks?


  1. That's such a great topic to record in a scrapbook! We are big walkers, both in our London suburb, further into town and further afield. PS: I love Galveston!

  2. I love the spine on your album! And your pages are full of a sense of achievement ... We too love walking in our wonderful national park and are out whenever we can, rain or shine!

  3. A great keepsake of such a accomplishment. I like the burlap of the binder cover & spine.

  4. Good for you---for the walks and the scrapbook! I need to develop a consistent walking habit; I've let it slide. Thanks for the inspiration.


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