Thursday, July 18, 2019

50 Things To Do Before I'm 50 | Review All Paid For Scrapbook Classes

Over the five years before my 45th birthday (when I created my list of 50 Things To Do Before I'm 50), I'd enrolled in over 120 classes online at a variety of sites including Big Picture Classes,, and I'd actually worked through all the materials in some of them, others I'd done some work in, and a very few I hadn't really even looked at. Once I set the goal to review all the classes I'd paid for, I made a list of the classes and began reviewing them.

At various times over these past five years, I have successfully reviewed all those classes - some of them I worked through the materials, others I read through for inspiration, and some I simply reviewed and saved the materials I wanted to keep. I also posted updates on this goal HERE and HERE and have shared layouts, projects, and inspiration from these classes in various blog posts. During this time, I only signed up for a few additional classes since I was working on this goal. However, as I check this item completed, I am looking forward to finding a class or two to enjoy in the coming months. 

(Please share your favorite sites for online classes these days in the comments.)


  1. I definitely need to set the same goal!!! Congrats on meeting yours; you're checking off these items fast and furiously.

  2. Well done you. 120 classes!!! WOW. I've only ever taken two online classes, both were year long ones & both really disappointed me, which surprised me because both of the class creators where two scrapbookers that I really admire & enjoy their work.

  3. Congrats - that's a lot of classes. I love how goal oriented you are.

    A couple of years ago I went back and looked through all the classes I had taken, most of them, other than sketch classes, I had pretty much finished. I tended to pick and choose which sketches to try. Just 5 years later, the classes seemed so rudimentary that I recycled the materials and deleted them off my hard drive. I have 3 sketch classes that I have not yet worked through and hope to do that soon. In the past, my favorite classes were those that focused on making and using your own kits. I feel like I have mastered that, so for the last 3 years I have taken courses from Scrapbook and Cards today where they are given out in monthly installments in the hope that fresh inspiration will keep me steadily productive. It has only partially worked. I don't plan on signing up for any more online classes, but will take a few each year at the Creating Keepsakes or Stamp/Scrapbook Expo events. Learning in person is still interesting to me.

  4. That's a lot of classes! Well done for tackling them one by one.
    I haven't done many online classes at all in the last few years - my favourite go to sites have been Shimelle, Scrapbook & Cards Today and Cathy Zielske.


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