Monday, September 30, 2019

SPSH 2019 | Maine-New Brunswick-Prince Edward Island-Nova Scotia

To celebrate my 50th birthday in July, we flew to Bangor, Maine, then rented a car for a two-week road trip to New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Nova Scotia, Canada. Robbie and I both had our eyes open for items on this year's Summer Photo Scavenger Hunt (hosted by Mary-Lou of the Patio Postcards blog). Here's a look at our favorite finds for each of the items on the list.
1. An Outdoor Clock
In the little town of Machias, Maine, when we drove through on our way from Bangor to Campobello Island.

2. Single & Pretty
At the Bideford Parsonage Museum (where L. M. Montgomery lived when she taught at the Bideford School) on Prince Edward Island.

3. Repetition
At the Hilton Saint John, New Brunswick.

4. Blurred Vision
On the Bay of Fundy during our ferry ride from Deer Island to the Canadian mainland.

5. The Word Summer
At the Confederation Centre Library in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island.

6. An Umbrella
Cabot Beach on Prince Edward Island.

7. A Curving Path
Hiking trail at Irving Nature Park outside Saint John, New Brunswick.

8. Shells
A Sailor’s Valentine at the New Brunswick Museum

9. A Bridge
Entering the Haunted Wood at the Anne of Green Gables Heritage Site, Cavendish, Prince Edward Island.

10. Something Made of Stone
I stacked these on the beach at Irving Nature Park outside Saint John, New Brunswick.

11. Fish
Fried haddock we had for supper in Brewer, Maine.

12. Something Crooked
At the MacNeill Homestead where L. M. Montgomery grew up in Cavendish, Prince Edward Island.

13. Two Colors of the Rainbow
Red & green define the burial site of L. M. Montgomery in the Cavendish Cemetery, Prince Edward Island.

14. A Handwritten Sign
In two languages at the New Brunswick Museum.

15. Broken Chair or Bench
Outside COWS (ice cream parlor) at Avonlea Village on Prince Edward Island.

16. Out of Season Treat Being Enjoyed
Soup in the summertime!

17. A Sail
Inside Market Square in Saint John, New Brunswick.

18. Something That Should Be Found In Pairs
Showing off  my birthday gift from Robbie while relaxing at the Hilton Saint John, New Brunswick.

19. A Funny or Meaningful Bumper Sticker
This trailer has traveled far and wide!

20. A Favorite Seasonal Scent
Steamed mussels at the New Glasgow Lobster Supper, Prince Edward Island.

A. Bird or Bee House
At the New Brunswick Museum - two birdhouses ... one is made from an old milk carton!

B. Fresh Local Produce
At the Saint John City Market, New Brunswick.

If you've been following along here this summer, you'll know this is my fourth set of photos for this year's photo scavenger hunt! I've thoroughly enjoyed taking time to find this FUN list of items in Ohio, (with my nieces) at the library, (with friends) around Dallas, and on our summer vacation. Sending a huge thanks to Mary-Lou of the Patio Postcards blog for hosting this seasonal scavenger hunt.

Did you join in the hunt this year?


  1. Excellent finds! You have done brilliantly this Summer!

  2. Oh what a fantastic grouping of SPSH - I know your love of Anne of Green Gables stories so I'm sure this was an extra special trip for you. Thanks so much for joining in & I'm pleased you enjoyed so much.

  3. You've done a stellar job this summer with the hunt. I think this is my favorite of the bunch. The summer before I was married I went to many of the same places with a friend. We camped and had all of our equipment and luggage in a tiny VW bug! It was quite the trip, but we had a fabulous time.

  4. Love the photos you've captured; it looks like it was a wonderful trip. Welcome to the over 50 crowd, which, alas, I will soon be exiting.

  5. A great collection of photos. I particularly like your blue umbrella against the blue sea.. How interesting to visit LM Montgomery's home and grave.


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