Saturday, March 7, 2020

Craft Room Cleaning

My craft room is typically very organized, and I do a good job of keeping the two work spaces cleared in between projects. My craft table...

...and my work table. As you can see, there's very little difference between these spaces; I simply gave them different names. [And, yes, I do still store my scraps in a bin under the table.]

However, there's a wonderful window ledge (wide enough to sit on) that tends to accumulate piles! It seems that anytime I need to clean off  my work spaces, I pile all the miscellaneous items on that ledge. 

Last month, I decided it was time to clear it all off. I didn't take a "before" photo, but I'll admit that I had not cleared it off since December of 2018. How do I know this for sure, you ask. Well, I found an ornament kit that I had planned to put together for our Christmas tree that year, as well as a wonderful gift from my niece Nichole from that holiday season!

After going through each item, moving it to its proper place or processing it appropriately, I can now find the actual window ledge!

Above the window, I had tacked up a custom puzzle of my blog header (a gift from my sister Brenda a few years ago). It wasn't framed and the "teacher tack" wasn't strong enough to keep the puzzle from bowing out some. So, I took that down, put it in a frame, and hung it back up as a grouping with a couple of layouts.

I'm so glad to finally have that ledge available again. It's perfect for corralling items for a large project like a theme album...or holding items in preparation for our local scrapbook store's spring garage sale! 

Which space in your home typically accumulates piles? Is it time to tackle it?


  1. What a wonderful cheerful & large crafty room you have. Our catch all place is one of our kitchen counters that collects the keys, the mail & things waiting to go to designated areas. We tackle several times a week. (col)

  2. I can easily see why that ledge would be a magnet for piles. I don't have that kind of space, so piles tend to be small, and usually get taken care of in a week or so.

  3. In my craft room? The floor ... right up until Tilly comes in and starts chewing things!

  4. Love seeing your crafty space - so happy and bright. There is always a space in everyone's room that attracts the piles. Unfortunately in mine it is one of the two work surfaces. What a great idea for a gift - a custom puzzle. I will got that down for later in the year.


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