Tuesday, March 17, 2020

OLW 2020 | Health Vision Boards

When I chose my one little word for this year (HEALTH), I envisioned slowly making changes to grow and improve my physical, emotional, spiritual, and relational health. It's definitely been a slow, although good, start to the year. (Of course, the introduction of the COVID-19 virus has made my word even more relevant!)

I'm participating in Ali Edwards One Little Word workshop, although I'm not creating an album this year. Instead, I'm using the blank pages in my 2020 Planner as I complete or adapt the prompts each month.

As always, January was the time to define our word and plans for the year. 

February was all about vision boards, and I ended up creating three different spreads in my planner. This first one is obviously focused on healthy eating.

The second one is more focused on overall and emotional health.

And the final one has more of a spiritual focus.

Each week as I plan out my schedule and activities, I flip through these pages and love having the visual reminders of my focus for the year.

Are you participating in the OLW class this year? Did you create a vision board (or three)?


  1. Great vision boards! Yes, I'm participating. I created two vision boards - one in my PowerSheets Goal Planner and one that's 12x12 on my bulletin board in my craft space.

  2. You've done a great job with your vision boards. I am not participating in Ali's OLW but I am working with my OLW or at least I'm trying to work it (col).

  3. Your vision boards are lovely - I always find them incredibly difficult to compile. Maybe I'm overthinking them?

    1. Yes, the overthinking can get you every time. Really it's just a FUN activity - flip through a magazine, tear out what pops out that relevant to your theme, past them all together on a board or paper. :)


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