Sunday, March 8, 2020

Sunday Musings | The Lord Will Provide

The - Lord - Will - Provide

These are the words Abraham uses to name the place where God tested him by sending him to this place to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice.  The incident ends with God providing a ram for the sacrifice in place of Isaac, thus the naming of that place The-Lord-Will-Provide. (If you need a refresher, read Genesis's an amazing story of faith!)

Sometimes it's easy for us to brush over these four words because as Christians we know that our God will provide for us. But do we really believe it? Do we live like we believe it? Or do we look for our provision from someone or something else?

I have to admit that there have been many times when I've searched for provision elsewhere. When I've tried to get the things I need and want on my own, without seeking God's Will and asking for His provision. There have also been times when the Lord is calling me to do something that I can't quite fathom. I want to know the why and the how and all the other details first...before I step out in "faith!" I also have to admit that circumstances have never turned out as well as when I first seek the Lord and His Will and step out boldly to follow where He leads - He never fails to provide all that I need!

So, my question for you today is: Who or what are you looking to for provision?

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  1. This is certainly a timely message, thanks for sharing.


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