Monday, April 13, 2020

20in20 | Project Completions 1-10

We are at the beginning of the second quarter of the year-long class 20in20 with Stacy Julian. The concept behind this class is to complete 20 scrapbook projects in 2020. Stacy began the year with a definition of a project: An activity that has a beginning and an end. It ends when the purpose has been achieved. She encouraged us to create a list of projects to work on this year based on our relationships with family, friends, others, things, places, etc.

I actually created three lists of projects to work on this year based on time/effort requirement: Quick, Moderate, and Intensive. So far, I've completed TEN projects and have made great progress on an additional ONE!

Quick Project Completions

1. Grandy's Kitchen Two-Page Layout with photo and memorabilia. This had been on my to-scrap list for several years.

2. 50 Things To Do Before I'm 50 Mini-Album completed. I added the photo and journaling for the last two items I completed plus my final reflections on the last page to complete this album.

3. Custom Blog Header Puzzle framed and mounted in craft room with coordinating layouts.

4. New York Times Puzzle put together, modified to add wedding announcement, framed and hung in our front room.

5. January Mantel Display + Stories about items in display posted on blog. (As y'all know, one of my goals this year is to design a new mantel display each month in a way that will remind us of bits and pieces of our wonderful life...and share those stories here on the blog. I'm counting each month as a project - it has a beginning and an end and the purpose of remembering the stories of these pieces is accomplished!)

6. February Mantel Display + Stories about items posted on blog.

7. March Mantel Display + Stories about items posted on blog.

Moderate Project Completions

8. January 2020 photos & memorabilia processed and all stories scrapbooked. I am using this class as motivation to stay current with this year's chronological album, so I'm counting each month as a completion! (Many of my Intensive projects involve completing previous year's albums!)

9. February 2020 photos & memorabilia processed and all stories scrapbooked. 

10. 2019 Through the Years page completed. I have a beautiful album that Robbie gave me the year we got married. It has room to document the first 30 years of our married life. There's a two-page spread for each year - one side holds a 6x4 photo and the other side holds journaling that includes where we lived, where we traveled, our major milestones, challenges and triumphs, romantic moments, and how we spent our anniversary. I've kept this album up-to-date (18 years now!) and love reading back through it as I prepare a new page each year.

Intensive Project In-Process 

2012 Chronological Albums - I'm filling in gaps in our 2012 chronological albums, adding in stories, photos, memorabilia or different perspectives as needed/desired. So far, I've completed through the month of July and am hoping to finish this up by the end of this month.

As you can see, it looks like I'll definitely complete (at least) 20 projects this year using this method of defining a project. It's a huge inspiration boost to be able to look at the list of things I've completed this year; although I'm looking forward to having an Intensive project added to the list of completions.

Are you participating in the 20in20 workshop this year? How are your projects coming along.


  1. I totally missed this workshop--not surprising since I abandoned scrapbooking almost a year ago--but I'm totally impressed with the focus of it and your accomplishments!

  2. I'm not doing the 20in20 project, but I can see why it would appeal - I'm another who is impressed by your focus and determination. Happy crafting/creating!

  3. Well done keeping up with all the assignments. Stacy Julian is a rock star in the scrapping world. I did not sign up for the 20 in 20.


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