Friday, April 3, 2020

Scrapbooking | 2020 Symmetry

Some of you may recognize the following symmetrical layout template from Cathy Zielske's 2017 Design Your Life 2.0 workshop (and my 2017 layout). I combined the bottom two squares on this grid to hold one photo, but I think it still qualifies as symmetrical.

I intended to use the same symmetrical grid design to showcase photos from my niece Natashia's visit; however, I moved the grid and added other elements, which makes the overall design asymmetrical.

I had a layout (cut from a magazine) in my inspiration file that featured a grid with each photo triple matted, and I'm thrilled with how that concept worked on this layout to bring all the colors together.

So, once again, I've completed Week One of the DYL 2.0 workshop ... now, on to Week Two!


  1. I love your Then and Now page especially! The design works really well, and the little placements of white labels make the eye travel round the page. Hoping you and Robbie are doing well x.

  2. Both layouts are so easy to find the photos - which are the star of any layout (IMO). Grid layouts are one of my favourite styles & like Cathy Z, you have mastered it.

  3. Both pages are so bright and cheerful; I love the red and yellow combination. Your pages prompted me to get out my album from that class. Since I scrapped photos from many different time periods, it's an unusual, but very satisfying, album.

  4. Great layouts, I love then and now ones. And the idea of triple matting a grid is one I might tackle myself.

  5. Grid designs are so great, very versatile and both of these look marvellous.


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