Friday, May 1, 2020

Baking | DoubleTree Cookies

When we travel, we typically stay in Hotels by Hilton, which include DoubleTree. Have you ever stayed at a DoubleTree?

Upon arrival, you are offered a nice warm cookie ... and you are welcome to request another one anytime during your stay. They are delicious and a welcome treat when returning from sightseeing or visiting family and friends.

I was delighted when they recently released the recipe! I was even more delighted when Robbie decided to make a batch while we are here at home and unable to travel.

The first bite of these cookies reminded me of our week in London, and those four days in Amsterdam, and that overnight stay in El Paso, and .... well, you get the picture!

This is definitely a "keeper recipe" that we'll be using again. I took time to create a 6x6 recipe card for our favorite dessert recipe book!

Have you baked any cookies lately? Are you tempted to try this recipe?


  1. We've stayed in Double Trees and I know the exact cookies you mean!

  2. I am going to have to pass this recipe on to my daughter's...who love to bake.
    My family has been making cookies lately...husband made me peanut butter and my daughter just made peanut butter with chocolate chips. yum
    Your recipe cards are so lovely.

  3. I have not stayed in a Double Tree hotel. How kind that they released the recipe. I have made a fruit crumble for Mr Man, but no cookies, I like too much & would eat far too many.

  4. We almost always stay in Hampton Inns, and their chocolate chip cookies are pretty good. I recently downloaded this recipe, but haven't tried it. Glad to have your recommendation.

  5. Those look delicious and if I hadn't sworn off all.the.sugar for the remainder of my life, I would totally make them! It is honestly the one thing I have found myself craving during this pandemic. Thankfully I don't bake and don't have enough of anything in the house to make those. :)


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