Saturday, July 11, 2020

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It looks like many of us around the world will continue to spend a good bit of time at home in the coming weeks as we see spikes in the number of new coronavirus cases. During the past several months, I've been reading through the books on my to-read bookshelf as well as re-reading books from our personal library here at home. So, this week I'll be catching up and sharing reviews of the books I've read this year with the hope that you'll find one or two of interest to keep you inspired or entertained in the days ahead. Today's offering includes a couple of my favorite book series.

The Sweethaven Circle


The Sweethaven Circle 3-book series was written by Courtney Walsh and centers around an old scrapbook. In the first book, A Sweethaven Summer, we meet Campbell Carter as she discovers some of the pages from a scrapbook her recently deceased mother created with a group of friends when she was a teenager. The pages had been divided between the group of four girl friends years ago. As Campbell reaches out to these women, she visits Sweethaven, the little town where her mother spent summers as a teenager. There she finally learns who her father is and forms new friendshipsThe story continues in A Sweethaven Homecoming with these same enjoyable characters and several intertwined story lines and themes of reconciliation, forgiveness, and friendship. The final installment, A Sweethaven Christmas, is a wonderful romantic conclusion to the series as we see these friends preparing for Christmas.

The Mitford Years

When I re-read The Mitford Years Series a few years ago, I thought I had the complete 8-book set; however, it turns out several additional books were written and there are actually 14 books! After re-reading the original 8 books over the past couple of months, I splurged and bought myself the remaining 6 books. These stories center around Father Tim, an Episcopal priest, who is surrounded by wonderful characters in the small town of Mitford - "an American village where the grass is still green, the pickets are still white, and the air still smells sweet." This is a great series if you're looking for something wholesome, uplifting, and entertaining. (Note: Book 6 is the story of Father Tim's wedding and chronologically falls in between books 2 & 3, so I read it in that order this time & highly recommend it!)

Have you read any of these books? Please share your thoughts in the comments, along with your suggestions for additional book series.


  1. I read some of the Mitford novels years ago and enjoyed them. I think I'd remember most of them, but it would take awhile for me to figure out which ones I haven't read.

  2. I loved the Mitford series and read every one of them. I particularly enjoyed listening to several of the later ones on audiobook as John McDonough has the perfect voice for them. I have also read at least one Sweethaven and I might have the others on my tablet in ebook form. I should finish those up, thanks for the reminder.


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