Monday, November 16, 2020

Scrapbooking | September 2020 By The Numbers

This year, as I process each month's photos, I'm creating a digital layout featuring six photos and journaling "by the numbers." I'm using a digital template and various papers from my stash. My plan is to include a photo of me and Robbie and a photo of my mantel display as the top line of photos each month. 

Here's how the numbers add up for September.

* 15 days Robbie worked from home + 1 sick day (dr appts) & 5 vacation days.
* 8 hamburgers & 12 Zummos grilled on Labor Day.
* 1 visit to Mama & Daddy.
* 1 new-to-us couch for living room.
* 2 red Bungee Chairs purchased.
* 257 binders re-organized, combined, and (mostly) re-numbered.
* 28 walks (+ 2 days of Plan B exercise).
* 4 1/4 CPE hours completed for Melissa’s teaching certification.
* 12 lessons recorded for LSNED 2020.
* 1 Harry Potter Lego Knight Bus assembled by Robbie.
* 1 virtual Christ for India Mission Event attended.
* 8 Harry Potter movies watched.
* 17 layouts created, 50-page theme album completed, 3 Bible pages illustrated, 2 scrapbook-for-hire projects completed (5-page album & 54-page album), 1 collage assembled, 8 blog posts published.

We had a "movie marathon" and watched all eight of the Harry Potter movies over the course of eight evenings. If you've been around my blog awhile, you already know that we are huge fans of the Harry Potter books and movies. We've watched all the movies numerous times and always enjoy them!

How did the numbers add up for you in September?


  1. My eyes immediately went to the binders - 257!! Okay, now I need to go read the rest of the post again, not that the stun has subsided. ;-)

    1. LOL Susanne! Yes, 257 binders … keeping in mind that I’m married to a collector … of trading cards in this particular case. 😊

  2. 257 binders - I also went back and checked that I'd read that number correctly! Great round-up. :)

  3. Like Susanne, I gravitated right to the binders, and then to all the layouts created! I've not been anywhere near so productive despite the fact that I think I've been pretty busy!

  4. We are also Harry Potter fans, but I much prefer the books to the movies. Especially the last 3 movies, which I thought stretch too far from the books.

  5. I know you are a prolific scrapbooker, Melissa, but I had to go back and check the 257 number - and can see from the comments above that they mightn't necessarily be scrapbooking ones! You've had a very productive month - I always love your energy and let's-do-this energy :).


Thanks so much for your comment - it's like a ray of sunshine in my day!