Saturday, January 16, 2021

Scrapbooking | Christmas 2020

And I used lots of little bits & pieces on a festive grid style layout.

This year we pulled down ALL the Christmas boxes, bins & bags and went all out with decorations throughout the house. We had lots of FUN and even found some items we'd forgotten about. We reorganized and relabeled everything when we put it away.

True Confession: We've never bought tree toppers together despite our love of collecting ornaments! This year we ordered FIVE toppers from Amazon and were thrilled with how festive they are on the trees we set up throughout the house. The Santa is our favorite; the gold star really set off (our very first) book tree; and they all made us happy.

We enjoyed all the decorations and had a really good holiday season and a relaxing and FUN Christmas day.

How was your Christmas? Have you scrapped it yet?


  1. It must have been so very festive in your home this year! Your page about it is lovely - you'll know I am a great fan of a grid too. That's a lovely happy photo of you both. I still think your book tree with its gold star is my absolute favourite - so elegant. I will remember this for the year when I really don't feel up to putting up a tree. And if I don't have enough green books, I'll wrap them in scrapbooking paper :). Thank-you for all the inspiration, Melissa.

  2. I'm another fan of your tree of books, and agree the star is the perfect topper! Over the last few years, we've pared down our collection of Christmas decorations, which in no way says we lack decorations! I reorganized everything when we finally put it all away this week. The decorations and pretty lights saved Christmas this year! Hopefully, next year will be less restrictive.

  3. Wonderful memories of Christmas in such nice layouts. I'm just beginning to scrap Christmas.

  4. Wonderful memories of a very different Christmas. :) I love that grid page - inspired by Cathy Zielske?


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