Sunday, January 17, 2021

Sunday Musings | God's Got My Back

I was excited and a little nervous when I scheduled my first Virtual Bible Journaling Class for this past December.

The devotional was all written and the techniques ready, but it took quite a few trial runs to get things set up for teaching the devotional section then moving the camera to demonstrate the creative techniques. I can't count the number of times I texted my friend LeAnne to jump on Zoom and see how the lighting and focus looked. I even had my sister and my niece on once to test the setup.

I wanted to have everything perfect, but I honestly worried too much and should have known that God would work things out. 

Halfway through the Friday class, the router here at home completely died! We had no Internet connection at all. Fortunately, the Zoom class continued without me as one of the participants continued to explain the technique I had been demonstrating.

I quickly set up to continue on my cell phone and was able to finish the class. It wasn't "perfect" by my standards, but there were no complaints from the class participants. And I was able to use the hot spot on my cell phone for the Saturday class. (Of course, I made a layout to include this story in our 2020 chronological scrapbook.)

Truly God's got my back when I answer the call He's placed on my life to encourage women to serve him in their everyday lives and use their creativity to draw closer to Him! Things may not work out the way I envision them, but based on the comments below from class participants, I'd say it worked out just as God had planned!

Melissa, wanted you to know that I continued on w/ creating after we got offline! Also, really enjoyed the class you created...blips & all 😊 You were grace under fire & we never missed a beat! Thanks for making this holiday “happy” which was surely needed by all of us. It really helped re-direct my the right direction-up!!! Blessings, Ann J.

Hi Melissa. I really enjoyed your class! I am not an artist but your techniques make it really easy to follow. I also needed the lesson on hope. It came at the right time. I hope you have a Merry Christmas! Thank you so much. Holly

Melissa, I loved the class! I needed this so much. The hiccup was handled very well. I enjoyed your message and thought it fit our craft perfectly as usual.  I am ready for the next class! Elizabeth 

Great class today  thanks. Your devotionals are always great and I always learn something in the techniques part  Oh, I also learned about “pin” in zoom. I didn’t know that was there. Thanks! Merry Christmas!! Shari


  1. Delighted that, despite the apparent disaster, it all turned out well, and that you had such warm feedback. You back was indeed had :).

  2. Remember God himself said "& it was good", not perfect, but good, when creating the universe ... I am glad to hear your first Zoom lesson went well. Nice layout to go with it.

  3. Yay! Glad your class turned out awesome! I am sure you were great! Hugs Catherine


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