Monday, February 8, 2021

Book Review | The Guilty Die Twice

Two Bullet-Riddled Corpses.
Two Attorney Brothers.
Two Sides to the Story.

The Guilty Die Twice by Don Hartshorn is a legal thriller that contains several storylines involving murder, politics, family dynamics, integrity, corruption, and the death penalty. It's an intriguing page-turner that jumps between (1) a high profile murder case that occurred ten years ago and forged a rift between Texas attorney brothers Travis and Jake Lynch, (2) a current drug deal double-cross that leaves two rich high school seniors dead and another gravely injured, and (3) the prominent Austin, Texas, Lynch family dynamics.

Underneath all this turmoil is the question of whether the death penalty is ethical or not and the revelation that there are often many gray areas and behind the scenes shenanigans in capital murder cases. This story is set in Texas, where capital punishment remains a legal penalty. 

If you enjoy legal thrillers and/or mysteries, I definitely recommend this book (which I received free from TCK Publishing in exchange for an honest review). As we both enjoy legal thrillers, I've put this book on Robbie's to-read shelf and look forward to hearing his thoughts on it!

What legal thrillers have you read lately?

If you've been around my blog for a while, you already know that I enjoy a wide variety of books from many different genres. Tomorrow I'll be sharing about the first books I've completed this year as well as my reading plans for 2021 as we continue to stay home during this seemingly never-ending pandemic.


  1. I don't read thrillers very often, but maybe I'll look out for this one. I'm still deep into reading romance (after a few books about American politics, the election and 45.)

  2. I love a good thriller, this one sounds like it is worth checking out - will check my library.


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