Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Scrapbooking | February 2021

If you watched any news during February, you might have heard it mentioned that there was a winter storm in Texas, so my monthly layout has several snow photos (including some snow ice cream I made!).

Journaling reads: February was an extremely cold month and many record lows were recorded  in all parts of Texas. A week-long snow storm left many (including Mama & Daddy) without electricity for a week. We got almost four inches of snow & were lucky to have power and a nice gas fire going throughout the storms. We went out for a quick visit with Mama & Daddy when everything cleared (a few days after their 55th anniversary) and delivered Daddy’s Early Years scrapbook and two organized binders of Gandma’s photos. We only get out once a week for curbside grocery pickup and an occasional stop at the post office. Here at home we continued to “attend” LakeShore Church online services and watched the News of the World and Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins movies plus Seasons 10, 11, 12 & 13 of Heartland and a couple of episodes of  Marvel’s WandaVision series.

The weather has shifted and we are well into springtime now. How's the weather in your area?


  1. Nice layout for the February that was a challenge for many in Texas. We saw nightly the state of the woes - gives us all the moment to say thankyou to those restoring power & water. We also saw in recent news about tornadoes running through Texas. We have previous work friends currently living in Texas in their motor home, so we checked in promptly with them (they are originally from Rochester).

  2. Gosh, Texas really did have a torrid time last month! You were featured on the BBC News quite a lot. :)

  3. A great record of what was clearly a very exceptional month for you all in Texas - we heard quite a lot about it in the press over here. I always love pages which have a grid of photos and space for plenty of journalling :).


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