Wednesday, May 19, 2021

May Every Day | National Devil's Food Cake Day

May Every Day is a series of (almost) daily blog posts for May 2021 sharing days and weeks that we celebrate or observe. Some of these days are well-known holidays while others are more obscure observances, some are celebrated internationally while others are more nationally focused, some are significant while others are just plain FUN!

Devil's food cake is a moist rich chocolate layer cake. It tends to have a darker color than a regular chocolate cake and is topped with chocolate icing. There are many recipes for this delectable dessert, some dating to the early 1900s, so the "devil's food cake" is often used to describe any super chocolatey cake.

Since today is National Devil's Food Cake Day, it's the perfect excuse to do a little baking and enjoy some chocolate cake!

Any day that involves chocolate cake is a good day in my book! How about you?


  1. Robbie does look quite content with the cake. I cannot remember the last time I made a chocolate cake ... umm maybe there's chocolate icing on the cake day, which I definitely could manage.

  2. Indeed! I had two birthday cakes last week. I chose chocolate with raspberry filling, but only one of my granddaughters eats chocolate so there was a decorated white cake as well.

  3. I think there's a national day for everything! But I could totally be on board with a devils food cake day! Looks delicious!


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